Abergele Baby and Toddler Club – Muddy Puddle Walk With Peppa pig

Peppa Pig and Louise Williams
Peppa Pig is introduced to the Abegele Baby and Toddler group by Louise Williams

Abergele Baby and Toddler group was visted by a special guest today as they set out on the Muddy Puddle Walk in order to support Save The Children. Louise Williams and Jodie Russel, who run the group, were on hand to make sure everything ran well and ensure that Peppa Pig was not overwhelmed by his fans.


A high Five with Peppa Pig
A high Five with Peppa Pig


Just as the walk started the heavens opened up – probable to make more puddles – but the children were more focused on Peppa Pig: Where they were all giving it large with the high fives.

Big Al was on hand to speak to the group on his morning radio show and you can hear him speaking to Louise.

If you would like to know more about the group have a look at their facebook page and get in touch with them.

Big Al can be heard every weekday morning at Sound Radio

Abergele Baby and Toddler Group
Abergele Baby and Toddler Group
Peppa Pig says hello
Peppa Pig Says Hello



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