Coronavirus Lockdown Restrictions Update – Wales

Written by on 29/05/2020

Mr Drakeford and the Welsh Government laid out the future restrictions for people in Wales.

He noted that: “People in Wales have been fantastic at sticking to lockdown but we know they have missed seeing their families and friends over the last three months,”

“So we are using the small amount of headroom we have for people to get together in a controlled way.

“From Monday, people from two different households in the same local area will be able to meet up outdoors. They must continue to maintain social distancing and strict hand hygiene.

“If you need to meet in a garden you can but you must not go into the house.”

Mr Drakeford urged people to use “common sense” and warned the new rules should not be used as an excuse for garden parties during the warm weather.

“We are offering permission but this is not an invitation to go into a garden, have a few beers and start mixing in a way that potentially harms you or other people,” he said.

“We need to use our common sense and take responsibility. People shouldn’t do things that risk these rules breaking down. It’s a big step ahead so we have to do it in a careful and controlled way.”

He added: “We are also asking people to stay local – by local we mean, as a general rule, not travelling more than five miles from home to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading as people begin to travel more.

“There will be exceptions – for example, travelling to work, to seek care and shopping for essentials if they aren’t available locally. Staying local will help keep Wales safe.”

Current plans envisage a traffic light-style system of red, amber and green phases, with more restrictions lifted as they progress.

However Mr Drakeford has urged non-essential businesses, such as retail and hairdressers, to use the next three weeks to put safety measures in place ahead of any announcement.

The Welsh Government will also reassess the options in relation to the following matters at the next review on 18 June:

  • Reopening managed outdoors sites (e.g. outdoor markets, sports courts, outdoor showrooms, and outdoor museums)
  • Enabling non-professional elite athletes, such as our Olympic athletes, to train safely
  • Reopening more of the housing market
  • Re-opening non-essential retail subject to physical distancing requirements (e.g. high streets)
  • Increasing capacity for childcare and public transport to support a wider return to work.

To facilitate these changes  the Welsh government will be working with transport operators, local authorities and others to ensure people can travel safely and that our public spaces, such as our high streets, facilitate the physical distancing that will be required for some time to come.

Further information on the next phase for schools and further education will be published next week.


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