Councillors discuss their thoughts on the new SC2 waterpark in Rhyl

National media came out in force Rhyl on Friday 6th April as local Councillors reach for the sky at the SC2 waterpark

Sound Radio Wales along with ITV Wales and BBC Wales and others attended a media gathering at construction site for the new SC2 waterpark development in Rhyl today.

We were joined by Councillor Hugh Evans, leader of Denbighshire County Council and Councillor Alan James, Mayor of Rhyl who both shared their thoughts with us on their showcase development the SC2 waterpark.

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The water park will act as a key development as Rhyl seeks to capture its past while working towards a sophisticated offering to future generations who live and enjoy their holidays along the North Wales coast.  Rhyl has a lot to live up to and as it focusses its future on a new generation, keen to enjoy a highly and action orientated lifestyle. The national media all asked the same question “was Rhyl up to it?”

Listen to Sound Radio Wales talking to Leader of Denbighshire County Council councillor Hugh Evans

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