Denbighshire release statement regarding Morfa Hall car park parking fines issue

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Denbighshire County Council has issued the following statement in response to a number of motorists receiving parking fines when they believed they were allowed to park for free as a result of the Council’s seasonal free after three initiative, which ran from November 21 to December 31.

The Council has now decided to reimburse those caught out by the Free after 3 signs.


Further to recent correspondence regarding the issues at Morfa Hall Car Park, the Council has  decided that it will fully reimburse those individuals who received a parking fine because they parked in the Morfa Hall car park after 3pm and did not pay because they believed parking to be free after 3pm.

Although unintentional, the Council accepts that the “Free after 3pm” sign in its car park, and the message on its website, gave the impression that parking was free after 3pm in the privately-owned Morfa Hall car park.

Since becoming aware of this issue, the Council has tried hard to work with Smart Parking and the WCVA to get them to apply some leniency when considering appeals, given the obvious confusion that has been caused.

The Council has  now decided to reimburse those caught out by the Free after 3 signs and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Council will also be making some amendments to the signs and the position of the pay and display machine in the Denbighshire-owned Library Car Park to further improve the clarity of signage and to help distinguish between the two car parks. The Council has also contacted Smart Parking to ask them to provide additional signs in their car park to also help make this distinction.

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In order to qualify for the reimbursement the affected car park users will need to contact Denbighshire County Council in writing either at Parking Services, Denbighshire County Council, Caledfryn, Smithfield Road, Denbigh LL16 3RJ , or by email at They will need to provide a copy of the Parking Charge Notice from Smart Parking, any appeal correspondence between them and Smart Parking, and proof that the fine has been paid.

This reimbursement of fines will not apply to any other circumstances.

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