Discussion: Would it break tradition to have a Mr Rhyl ?

The crowning of the Rhyl May Queen has been a tradition part of Rhyl’s summer for over 100 years, the first May Queen to be crowned was in 1891 and other titles for the Rhyl royalty, such as Prince, Petal, Rosebud, Empress and not forgetting Miss Rhyl, who is the over 18 candidate in the Rhyl Royal family.

The search is already on for the 2018 Miss Rhyl, but in an ever changing world of equality does Miss Rhyl need to be a “Miss”?

Is it time to break tradition and crown a male as “Mr Rhyl” ?  Is there anything stopping a male from taking the role?

Rhyl Carnival members have been contacted for comment

We’d like to hear your thoughts please, Would it be right to break tradition and have a Mr Rhyl?

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Below is a video on the Rhyl May Queen crowning in 1930 from British Pathe