Elevate UK bring the dance to Sound Radio Wales

Sound radio will be bringing the nightclub to your room through the power of internet radio very soon, keep checking back as we are just finalizing the finishing touches to bring you some of the best music to dance to on the North Wales coast.

Elevate UK is based in Holyhead on the Isle of Anglesea in North Wales. The brand prides itself on being at the pinnacle of the dance music era from Techno,Trance to Deep House you can be assured the mix is the best from the North Wales coast. Featuring Dj’s Jay Slingsby, Ash Jones and many, many more of the very best DJ’s from all over The North Wales Coast and beyond. Elevate Uk Organizes dance events all over the country and has had the proud opportunity to bring Names such as Lisa Lashes,Boy George and Andy Whitby to live performances in Anglesea and North Wales

Stay Tuned..

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