Finland Can Hear Us

Written by on 16/06/2024

Sound Radio Has Been Heard on 103.1FM

In Finland Over 1800Km away

Above is Jim With his radio recieving equipment

Sound Radio was contacted on social media by an Amateur Radio Enthusiast named Jim Solatie,

Jim messaged the station asking us to confirm that his recording was Sound Radio.

Jim explained that this was made possible by “Skip”  the radio signals bounce off the ionosphere and are redirected back to earth causing the signals to skip around the earth. The weather conditions and several factors have to come into play for the signal to travel far.

Jim went on to say;

“Every summer it is possible to hear distant FM radio stations, thanks to sporadic skips in the ionosphere.

I use a 14-element yagi antenna, and on Thursday, the 13th June 2024 there was a nice signal skip between Finland and the UK!

On 103.1 MHz, at 13.15 BST, I heard a very interesting station, announcing “Thanks for choosing to listen to your local community radio station … find out more on our website …”. Then Awaz Radio (Lincolnshire) and Beat (Ireland) took over the frequency.

I have attached a mp3-clip, recorded here in Finland. May I kindly ask if you can identify the signal? Was it really Sound Radio that I heard?”

Was it Really Sound Radio That He Heard?

The team at Sound Radio listened to the recording that Jim had said and referenced it with the broadcast recording of that day and found that in fact, it was Sound Radio that he had heard all those miles away.

The Rcording Jim has sent us
Listen to Jims Recording:

You can quite clearly hear what Jim described that our advert for Community radio advertising was there.

1100 Miles away 103.1fm sound radio

Jim went on to say;

“Around the same time I heard for example Beyond Radio Lancaster on 103.5 and Tameside Radio Manchester on 103.6, so the ionospheric skip really favoured your area.”

We actually can’t believe that sound radio was heard that far away. It just shows there is always someone listening.


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