Future of environmental enforcement services of Kingdom in Conwy

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Conwy County Borough Council is to set up a special group to explore future options for the delivery of its environmental enforcement services.

Responsibility for the provision of the service currently lies with Kingdom Security. However, the Cabinet has opted to look at alternative solutions and new ways of working.

After the meeting Cllr Mark Baker, said: “The issue of cleanliness and the environment is of great importance to the Council and Conwy residents.

“But we also know that some people in Conwy are unhappy with the service currently provided by Kingdom.

“The vast majority of the people of Conwy are very conscientious, don’t drop rubbish, pick up after their pets, and are mindful and considerate towards the environment but, given that littering is covered by Government legislation, there remains a need for some level of enforcement. The group will explore a range of options for fellow councillors to consider.”

The alternatives could include partnership working with other local authorities or bringing the service in-house.

“The work on delivering a new model will take a period of time in order for it be fully researched, discussed, and ensure any future service fulfils the needs of the county. Therefore, we have taken the decision to look to extend Kingdom’s contract until the end of the financial year while this work takes place. During this extension we want enforcement to cease on private land; greater visibility of Kingdom officers; a fairer geographical spread of environmental enforcement services across the county; and the removal of targets for fixed penalty notices.

“We know this won’t be the decision some had hoped for just yet. However, we have a responsibility to ensure the county is as clean and tidy as possible and we are concerned that leaving the county without any service at all could lead to an increase in the number of incidents of littering and dog fouling. Looking to extend the contract until the end of March, enables us to fully explore alternative options and maintain environmental standards in the meantime,” added Cllr Baker.

The Cabinet will continue to liaise with Kingdom to ensure activities are carried out in line with the contract.

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