Heads Up from RAF Valley

Written by on 17/10/2023

Heads up from raf valley

RAF valley have issued a “Heads Up” for the North Wales Coast as training commences from 16/10/23 for Exercise Kukri Dawn and other Exercises. Night time flying and low level flying has been suggested. 

Below is what raf valley have said on Facebook

A quick ‘heads-up’ reference some forthcoming night flying at RAF Valley
As many of our followers will know, RAF Valley first made its name as a night fighter base, as part of Fighter Command’s 9 Group protecting Wales, the North West and Northern Ireland from Nazi bombers. The ability to fly and fight at night is no less important a skill for our pilots today than it was in the past.
From 16 Oct until 16 November, we will be conducting some night flying training. On the majority of occasions it will be complete by 1900 but on just a few nights it will last longer but certainly no later than midnight. Some of the flying will involve our friends from RAF Benson, here yet again with their Chinooks, for Exercise Kukri Dawn – to take their pilots and rear crews to graduation. They will be conducting flying both night and day. Once more we thank you for your forbearance and support and we ask that those who are cycling, riding or indeed walking their dogs, close to our perimeter fence, to take heed of the increased downdraft from these impressive helicopters as they approach and depart RAF Valley.

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