Large groups of youths regularly breaching COVID rules in Rhuddlan

Written by on 03/06/2020

North Wales Police have reported on social media a large number people breaching COVID-19 rules in Rhuddlan.

Police officers are having to regularly attend Rhuddlan Farm Land to reports of large groups of 50-100 youths congregating in the area breaching COVID rules.

Currently Welsh COVID-19 guidelines state that families can meet outdoors in private gardens, but must social distance by 2 metres as risk of transmission is lower outdoors than indoors. But the guidelines also state people must not gather in public places other than with members of one other household.

It was also raised that fires, litter and and verbal abuse from individuals will not be tolerated.

North Wales Police would also like to make a plea to parents to assist them by educating their children about the risks this is posing to the wider community by checking where your child is and if it is essential they are out.

If you would like to find out more about the current COVID-19 regulations in Wales please visit the Welsh Government website here.

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