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Written by on 21/04/2023

popular seaside town baffled by planned roadworks

Yesterday we shared a post regarding planned patching work that will be carried out over two weeks starting 24/04/23 on Towyn Road, Towyn. Lots of Residents, Business Owners, Town Councilor’s and Holiday Makers have spoken about how this will impact the town over the coming weeks and have called on the local council to contact the powers that be to put the patching of Towyn Road on hold until a more suitable time. 

Taking to Towyn Talk and Kinmel Bay News and Views people have shared their opinions and most of them have a common theme, that it is not the right time for the work to be carried out. 

Expressing his annoyance to the situation is Shop Owner Robert Franklin who leads with “Who’s idea and planning was this if they had a brain they would be dangerous” many people have agreed with this statement. In fact on Towyn Talk alone there has been over 60 comments reiterating the statement. 

Towyn’s elected Town Councilor Bernice Mcloughlin says “I do despair after the gridlock over Easter no one will be able to move. I will ring in the morning. Just a random idea if everyone who has written on this site uses the conwy reporting site it may help. Thank You in advance Bernice”  You can find the Conwy Reporting Site Here. Bernice later added a further comment “I have just opened my County emails sent at 16.45 I have responded in no uncertain terms. I also referred the officer to this page. I think admin will welcome more comments“. 

Although not everyone sees this as a problem, more of a positive as the roads do need to be maintained.  A resident commented  “New council budget comes in in April and weather has to be suitable so they have to fit it in somewhere. There are not that many days to do it and they may stop over weekends and bank holidays to avoid busiest times. At least they are doing something”

As it stands the work is still planned to happen, following the advice Towyn Councillor Bernice Mcloughlin head to Conwy Council Report Site to make your concerns with the council.   

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