What Is a Community Activist – We talk to Andrea Faulkner

Andrea Faulkner

What Is a Community Activist – We talk to Andrea Faulkner
Paul Toal

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Andrea Faulkner
Andrea Faulkner

We speak to Andrea Faulkner about what being a community activist is all about. We discuss with her how this differs from political activism and how they overlap.

Andrea provides practical support to people and causes she believes in which will benefit the community. An example of this is Friends Zone, on Facebook. Run by her friend Marie. It is for people looking for friendships and companions.

Politically Andrea is involved in Cut out the capitalist corporations on facebook. This group looks at ways of saving money. Information on shopping more ethically and ways to help reduce the use of plastics and Palm oil. The group also have Information on company’s who treat their staff with respect.

She is also involved with the group Rhyl Peoples Assembly Against Austerity. They are a political campaign group who lobby local and national government, to produce “social policy for the good of the many not the few as Jeremy Corbyn would say.”

Listen to Andrea speak about her work in these areas and what she is doing to improve peoples lives in the area




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