£49 Million to be invested into Cowny county schools over 5 years

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Conwy’s Cabinet Member for Education will this afternoon confirm £49million investment in the county’s schools over the next 5 years.

Cabinet Members will be asked to give the green light to the 21st Century Schools Strategic Outline Programme, which sets out Conwy’s proposals for school modernisation from 2019 to 2024.

This will be the second phase of major investment in Conwy’s schools; it aims to improve learning environments and educational outcomes; help meet national building standards; and reduce carbon footprints and running costs.

Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Garffild Lewis, said “As a Council we want to do everything we can to improve our schools so that all of our young people have the right environment to learn and achieve.”

“Under this multi-million pound investment, I’m looking forward to seeing the individual projects take shape, from improving existing facilities and extensions through to building totally new schools.”

Welsh Government has already given in-principle approval for this £43million programme.

Cllr Lewis said, “In addition to the 21st century schools programme, we’ve also been awarded a further £6million in grants for various education schemes.”

· £4million Capital Grants for Buildings to roll-out the free 30-hour childcare scheme;
· Over £1.2million to enhance Welsh medium facilities at three locations;
· £900,000 for community learning projects,

He added, “That means in total there’ll be over £49million invested, so I’d like to thank the team in Education Services for all their hard work in securing these grants and funding.”

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