Amber weather warning for North Wales as heavy winds to arrive on Friday

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The Met Office have set and Amber weather warning for parts of England and Wales, including North Wales as Storm Eunice may cause significant disruption due to extremely strong winds on Friday.

The Amber weather warning for strong winds is in place between 5am to 9pm on Friday 18th February.

In their warning it has been said that extremely strong winds are expected to develop over southwest England early on Friday, before spreading north and east during the day. Inland wind gusts widely in the 60-70 mph range but up to 80 mph in a few places.

Around coasts of west Wales and southwest England, gusts of 80 to 90 mph are possible. Winds are expected to ease across western areas through the afternoon, and eastern areas during the evening.

Some parts of South Wales and South West England are on HIGH ALERT with a very rare RED weather warning – Extremely strong west to southwesterly winds will develop over southwest England and south Wales early on Friday. Widespread inland gusts of 70-80 mph are likely and up to around 90 mph near some coasts, with dangerous conditions on beaches and seafronts. Winds are expected to ease from the west during the late morning.

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