The World Cup of North East Wales Chippy’s

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The World Cup of North (East) Wales Chippy’s is here! – The Sound Radio Wales Breakfast Show is on the hunt for the best Chippy in North (East) Wales! 

We’ve asking for your nominations on social media for your favourite chippy in North (East) Wales in the Sound Radio Wales target area.

There are 2 rules to the competition, they MUST be a Traditional Chippy selling take out Fish n Chips … not a delivery takeaway service (i.e. Kebabs, Pizzas, Fast-food)

Also the Chippy needs to be in our target area … or as we are calling it THE CHIP ZONE

We are looking for 16 nominations by Friday 4th October at 12pm to begin the knockout tournament on Monday 7th October.
Two nominations will randomly be selected during the Sound Radio Wales Breakfast Show and the public voting will be done via a Facebook poll, the poll will last 24 hours, the chippy with the least votes will be eliminated. The winning chippy from the knock out round will then reach the quarter finals. The same rules will apply again until the final.
Don’t forget it is all for fun and to help boost North Wales business

The overall final winner will win one months free advert (20 second advert and website advert) with Sound Radio Wales and be award the Sound Radio Wales World Cup of North (East) Wales Chippy’s award.

Knockout Round Results (Winners in BOLD)

1 – Windsor Fish n Chips, Towyn (13% 15 votes) vs James’ Fish Bar, Prestatyn (87% 103 votes)

2- Crispy Cod, Prestatyn (54% 25 votes) vs Aslans, Rhyl (46% 21 votes)

3- Les & Rita’s (51% 890 votes) vs Aunty Mandy’s (49% 844 votes)

4- Ffrith & Chips (79% 71 votes) vs GJ’s Plaice, Kinmel Bay (21% 19 votes)

5- The Galleon, Rhyl (54% votes 193) vs The Town Fryer, Rhyl (46% votes 164)

6- The Chippery, St Asaph (62% 72 votes) vs Pudding & Pie, Rhuddlan (38% 45 votes)

7- Jan & Julie’s, Rhyl (33% 178 votes) vs Fairhurst, Towyn (67% 364 votes)

*8- Oldham’s Fish & Chips, Towyn (30% 13 votes) vs Rob’s Fish & Chips, Pensarn (70% 31 votes)

*This votes was a rematch after a 50/50 round


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