Conwy Council release consultation results on dog control in the county

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The results of a consultation carried out by Conwy County Borough Council on the control of dogs in public places, , have been published on the Council’s website.

388 responses were received to the consultation from the public who were invited to take part alongside statutory consultees, such as town councils, sports associations, land owners and community representatives.

Amongst the results, strong support was expressed in favour of controls for dog fouling (88%), and controls for dogs on leads by direction (73%).

The majority of respondents (64%) also supported raising the amount of a Fixed Penalty Notice to £100 for all dog control offences.

However, opinion was divided over the proposed changes to the exclusion zones on Conwy beaches, with 49% in support, 48% against and 3% not expressing an opinion. The consultation results are available here:

Council officers will now use the results to prepare an updated draft PSPO, which will be presented to the Council’s Economy and Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee and then to Cabinet for consideration.

Cllr Mark Baker, Cabinet Member responsible for Regulation and Community Development Services, said: “I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute to this consultation. Dog fouling and the control of dogs is one of the problems that gives the most cause for concern amongst members of the public. These consultation results will help the Council’s Cabinet come to a conclusion about how the PSPO can help prevent irresponsible dog owners from allowing their dogs to foul, stray, and be out of control in a public place.”

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