Conwy & Denbighshire Councils ask public to be vigilant of council tax phone scam

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Conwy’s Council Tax team is calling for the public to be vigilant against a phone and text scam. Denbighshire County Council also appealed to people in their county via Facebook.

A number of incidents have been reported across Wales where text messages or callers claim they can help the householder get a Council Tax refund, they then go on to ask for personal bank account details.

Residents are advised to never give their personal banking details over the phone unless they are 100% sure they are speaking to a professional individual working on behalf of a recognised organisation.

If in any doubt, take the caller’s number and check it’s valid.  Anyone working in a professional capacity won’t mind you doing this.

It’s also worth regularly reminding elderly relatives and friends to be cautious with their personal and bank details.

And remember, Conwy residents can get free help and advice on Council Tax and Benefits direct from the Council by phoning (01492) 576607 or or online at

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