Podcast: Crowds gather to greet the arrival on the new £2.5m Shannon Class Lifeboat at Rhyl

Anthony Kenneth Heard

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The crowds came out to see the arrival of the new Shannon Class Lifeboat arriving at Rhyl Lifeboat station on Sunday 13th October. Sound Radio Wales was on hand to help create a celebratory with music and a live broadcast.

The new £2.5m Shannon also known as the “Anthony Kenneth Heard” arrived at the Rhyl harbour just before 12pm, where it met two generations of Lifeboats, the “Har Lil” which finished service in Rhyl in 1992 and the currently Rhyl Lifeboat the “Lil Cunningham”.  The In-Shore Lifeboats from Rhyl and Flint also joined the procession.








Just after 1pm the “Anthony Kenneth Heard” was beached on the sand of Rhyl where it was then winched on to the new Launch and Recovery System (L&RS).  The new Lifeboat and its crew who had sailed from Poole in Southern England over 4 days enjoyed the photo moment from the crowd, including the Mayor of Rhyl, Ellie Chard.

We spoke to retired coxswain Peter Robinson about the new Shannon Class Lifeboat. He discussed the differences between the new and old Lifeboat, the future of the Lil Cunningham and more.

You can listen to the full interview using the play above or below and on iTunes Podcasts.








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