On Demand News & Weather for North Wales with Sound Radio Wales

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Sound Radio Wales are bringing you an on demand North Wales radio first!

You can now listen to the latest North Wales local news bulletins and weather bulletins on demand, It’s easy as just at a tap or click of a button on your Smartphone, Laptop and Tablet and the audio will be played to you.

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There a few ways you can access the on demand bulletin buttons, one is to visit our website “www.soundradio.wales” using the browser on your Smartphone or Tablet and tapping. Secondly your can listen via the “LISTEN LIVE” button pop up  above.

We are also available on the  TuneIn smartphone app

The news bulletins are updated accordingly and are a round up of the news on our website, you can also hear the bulletins during the week and on the hour over the weekends.

Look out for the buttons in the image below!

On Demand
On Demand News & Weather buttons



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