Emergency services at Rhyl Blue Bridge regarding missing individual

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Emergency services were in operation at the Foryd Bridge, also known as the Blue Bridge in Rhyl for a missing person who was seen entering the waters at the river to during the afternoon of Friday 17th January, the eye witness lost sight of the individual on then called for assistant from the emergency services.

Rhyl’s were RNLI Lifeboats are in attendance working with North Wales Police.  Eye witnesses also confirmed on Twitter that the Coastguards Search & Rescue helicopter was also at the scene of the ongoing incident.

It has since been confirmed that lifeboats from Rhyl, Flint and Llandudno helped with the operation along with the Coastguard North Wales Police and coastguard helicopter from Caernarvon was also tasked to cover the river from Rhyl to St. Asaph.

Rhyl Lifeboat have reported that the inshore lifeboat searched had searched the area from 2:39pm to before its return at 5:45pm.  The boats searched as far upstream to Rhuddlan, until restricted by the depth of the river, and back into the harbour, where Rhyl all-weather lifeboat searched the harbour area, assisted by Rhyl harbour staff on shore.

All gullies, banks, and moorings were searched thoroughly by all agencies on scene, with nothing being found.
An item of clothing was found by the crew of the inshore boat, but at this time, the item has not been linked to the missing person.

The search will commence later tonight at low tide after operations we stood down.

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