Have your say on Empty Homes Strategy in Conwy

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Have your say on Empty Homes Strategy 

People are being asked to give their views on a revised and updated Empty Homes Strategy for Conwy County.

Homes that are privately owned and which are standing empty are a considerable issue in Conwy, as well as nationally.

Conwy County Borough Council working with Cartrefi Conwy wants to try to bring as many of these properties back into use so that they are not a wasted resource and can provide homes for people who need them.

There are around 1600 empty dwellings in Conwy County. Over 300 of these have stood empty for more than 5 years. And some empty dwellings which are in poor condition can have a negative impact on neighbourhoods.

On 10 September Conwy’s Cabinet agreed that the public be consulted to give their opinion on the draft strategy. The consultation will run until 8 November, and people are being asked for their comments about how the Council plans to work with owners to help them bring properties back into use.

The Council will also be consulting with a wide range of people and organisations who are involved in the property market including estate agents, valuers, Registered Social Landlords, landlord groups and the Welsh Government

Funding towards the work to bring empty homes back into use comes from Welsh Government and Cartrefi Conwy Housing Association, and other funding opportunities will continue to be explored.

Cllr Charlie McCoubrey, Conwy County Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Regulatory Services, said, “Conwy is a fantastic place to live, and increasing population numbers and changes in the size of households are putting increasing pressure on our housing stock. Our geography, infrastructure and desire to maintain our precious green space make it exceedingly difficult to find land to build new, appropriate houses. It is absolutely right that we do everything in our power to maximise our existing, empty stock. I am confident that our proposed empty housing strategy, using a carrot and stick approach where necessary, will enable us to do this.”

Find out more about the consultation here: https://www.conwy.gov.uk/en/Resident/Housing/Empty-Homes/Empty-Homes-Strategy-Consultation.aspx

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