LISTEN AGAIN: Learn about the Artisan Collective and how they are helping the Prestatyn Community in a big way

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Sound Radio Wales had the pleasure of talk to Peter Harrison and Steve Fenner who are behind the Artisan Collective based at the Old Library.

Above you can listen to the whole story of how the Artisan Collective was formed and how it developed into a community hub in the town after listening to the communities needs and what people wanted.  The also spoke about what takes place on a weekly basis at the Old Library, running Dementia Friendly mornings and helping with loneliness.

As the Artisan Collective at the Old Library is a big part of the Prestatyn High Street and the community we also spoke about the difference between Rhyl High Street and Prestatyn High Street and the reasons why the two are so different.

You can listen to the podcast in full by using the player above or by hitting the “Play Button” below.

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