New name revealed for Rhyl’s new phoenix football club

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Last night, just after 10pm it was confirmed on social media the new name for the club formerly known as Rhyl FC.

The club which went into liquidation back in April 2020 began a formal winding up of the company after various attempts to save the football club after its 141 year history.

The process began to start a phoenix club with Rhyl Fans Association at the helm of it rise.  On Friday 15th May 2020 under the advice of the FAW a new name was required for the club and a ballot was opened by the fans association.

By 10pm the vote had closed and it was revealed that the new name is CPD Y RHYL 1879

In a statement made Rhyl Fans Association, 82% of members voted between two choices of names “CPD Y RHYL 1879” and “AFC RHYL”.  After a 2nd ballots “CPD Y RHYL 1879” accumulated 54.6% and “AFC RHYL” received 45.4% of the votes.

The name is subject to Welsh FA approval.



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