North Wales Police release downloadable Halloween safety posters

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North Wales Police are urging people to stay safe and respect your neighbours during Halloween and the Bonfire night period.

Advice on “Trick or Treating” and setting of fireworks have also been published to their website as well as Halloween posters to identify which houses to visit in the neighbourhood, you can read the advice and download the free posters below.

Trick or treating advice

  • Only go to houses where you or your friends know the residents
  • Don’t knock on doors where there is a sign saying ‘NO callers’
  • Don’t enter any houses, always stay on the doorstep
  • Although Halloween is supposed to be spooky, don’t frighten elderly people
  • Always go trick or treating with an adult
  • Stay in areas that are lit by streetlights but take a torch just in case
  • Stay with your friends – don’t split into smaller groups unless an adult goes with you
  • Don’t talk to strangers on the street


If you’re planning on setting off fireworks please ensure that you stick to the following regulations:

  • You must not set off firework between 11pm and 7am.
  • On Bonfire Night itself, you cannot set fireworks off after 12am.
  • Fireworks can only be bought from registered sellers from 15th October to 10th November.
  • You can be fined up to £5,000 and imprisoned for up to 6 months for selling or using fireworks illegally.
  • You cannot buy category 2 and 3 fireworks if you’re under 18.
  • Do not throw fireworks in a public place or into the road, it is against the law and you will be fined for doing so.

Antisocial behaviour

ASB covers a wide range of actions and behaviour, but is basically anything that results in:

  • Someone feeling personally threatened
  • The creation of a public nuisance
  • A detrimental impact on the environment, or on the quality of life of an individual/community
  • Sometimes there is a criminal element, for example vandalism, begging, drug dealing or underage drinking.

If you feel threatened, harassed or victimised you can contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team or call 101 if ASB is affecting your evening. You don’t have to put up with it. Always call 999 if a situation becomes an emergency (if someone’s life or safety is threatened, or a crime is in progress).

You can also download posters to print out and display in your house window to show that you welcome “Trick or Treating” or not

Download posters to display in your window here:

Callers welcome poster

No callers please poster



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