RAF Red Arrows to returns to Rhyl seafront as part of their 2022 display schedule

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RAF Red Arrows to returns to Rhyl seafront as part of their 2022 display schedule.

The RAF Red Arrows will return to Rhyl seafront for the first time in 4 years as part of their 2022 display schedule according to their official website.

Their appearance is part of a bumper year for the Red Arrows team, with displays beginning in June at the Midlands Air Festival, right through to September, finishing at The Great North Run in Newcastles.

Two displays have been scheduled from Rhyl on Saturday 27th August and Sunday 28th August 2022, but no display times have been released yet.

Red Arrows fans will be no doubt in for a treat as the aerobatic team changes their display each year. The new 2022 display will be revealed usually in May, pending successfully being granted Public Display Authority.

The first half of the Red Arrows’ display consists of synchronised, formation aerobatics, followed by a more dynamic second half.

Reds 1 to 5 form the front section of the team’s formation, known as Enid, and Reds 6 to 9 make up the rear part. The Synchro Pair, Reds 6 and 7, perform the highly-popular opposition manoeuvres during this latter section of the show. During a display, Red 10 acts as the team’s Supervisor who maintains two-way radio contact with the Team Leader. He also provides the commentary.

For more information on the RAF Red Arrows displays and other information you can visit their website HERE.

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