Spate of rogue trader incidents in North Wales calls for people to be vigilant

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Police are urging people to look out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours after a spate of incidents involving cold callers and rogue trader.

In the Abergele, Pensarn, Towyn, Kinmel Bay, Rhuddlan and Rhyl areas a number of people have been targeted since the beginning of January – they were all elderly and vulnerable victims and most were living alone.

On each occasion the offenders who have been in groups of two or three have purported to be police officers or from utilities companies and have persuaded victims that they have a legitimate reason for being in the house. They have then confused the victims and continued to search the houses and stolen items.

In some cases the offenders have forced windows or doors or opened unlocked doors.

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Sgt Beth Jones said: “It can be difficult to reach these vulnerable individuals, so we are reaching out to the neighbours or those in the community who are likely to know them or live by them and we would encourage them to report any suspicious individuals, vehicles or activity seen in the area.”

“We are advising people not allow strangers into their homes, not to store large quantities of cash in their property, to keep all doors and windows locked and to request proper identification if approached. The message we are reiterating is ‘If in doubt keep them out.”

Anyone with information relating to any burglaries in the area or who may have witnessed suspicious behaviour is urged to contact the Central Burglary Team on 101. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or contact the control room direct via the new web live chat

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