Town rallies around to help family who lost everything in devastating fire

Water Street, Rhyl

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Members of the community in Rhyl have come together with the power of social media to help a family in need.

At around 5pm on Monday 16th December it was reported that a blaze had broke out in a out a take away shop called “Neelakash” formerly know as the “Fry Inn” on Water Street in Rhyl.

No body was injured in fire but all belongs of the family who lived in the flat above had been destroyed.  This prompted a swift response from members of the local community on Facebook to rally around to help support the family with donations.

Brighter Futures, and local fund raising group Belief quickly responded with a call to action and a cash donation of £250 to help the single mother of 3 children at the devastating time just before Christmas.

Well done to the people of Rhyl for their swift response.


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