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Winter may bring chilly weather, woolly jumpers, and runny noses. It also brings spectacular sunsets and colorful lights.

Government funding will help set up a pilot production line to develop clean energy vehicles.

Latest tests on show 85 out of 106 swimming areas in Wales are ranked excellent.

John Charles Barnett’s overturned mobility scooter was found on the edge of a slurry lagoon in 2020.

Changes will include cutting meals from three a day to two, and paying for their own laundry.

Wales fans remain upbeat after a first World Cup appearance in 64 years ends at the group stage.

Sales of Wales’ national vegetable have plummeted but now they have been granted special status.

The factory will produce more than 80,000 piping supports for nuclear power plants.

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New data analysis shows Welsh government efforts are not having the results ministers hoped for.

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