Since launching 17 years ago, the Health and Wellbeing effect on elderly and isolated older people across England and Wales by the Golden-Oldies charity has resulted in considerable positive evidence and feedback.

Recently, with National Lottery support, new daytime Sing&Smile ‘Goldies’ sessions have started in Wales in Conwy, in partnership with the local Borough Council’s Health and Wellbeing team.

Now in 2024,  recent evidence from a new session in Wales further underlines how the Goldies charity brightens lives and improves wellbeing.

One attendee is an 89 year old lady who lives alone. This is what she told us..

“I suffer with COPD. I don’t go out often as I am left breathless and struggling to walk. My family do not live locally and I don’t see them very often. I am on the Community Wellbeing Team mailing list and receive emails about sessions that are running. I had been looking for a number of years for a singing group, as I know singing is good for people with COPD.

“The session I attended was led by Cheryl from Goldies Cymru and after the session I really felt invigorated.

“I have benefitted from the sessions greatly and, after was able to walk to the shop and walk home. I would have to stop to get my breath. However, after the session I was able to do this without stopping.”

Cheryl Davies adds;

“During the second session, Mrs G was marching around the room whilst singing. When asked if she was struggling with her breathing or whether felt she wanted to sit down – her response was that it was actually helping her.”

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