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Claire is a past “Blue Coat” Holiday Park entertainer with a love of musicals and pop music! Her ethos of “don’t dream it, be it!” a fellow musicals fan will know where this comes from. High energy and happy vibes is guaranteed with a show of Claires!

Claire knew from a very early age that being on stage and entertaining people on holiday was what she wanted to do. In fact at age 12 Claire wrote a letter to the popular magazine “Girls Talk” asking to make her dreams come true. Claire’s family car unfortunately broke down on the way to Butlins Bognor. Determined Claire put pen to paper again and on her annual family holiday became a Butlins Red Coat. This is Claire’s most treasured memory and can remember all the advice given to her to progress in the entertainment industry.

Claire bagged the job at age 18 and became a Pontins Blue Coat moving her life “Down South” working in Camber Sands, working on special events and with celebrities. Her favourite event was Len Goodman’s Dance Weekend. The late Len Goodman was a massive inspiration to Claire growing up enjoying Ballroom and Latin Dancing. Claire then hung up her Blue Coat and progressed in other areas of the holiday park industry.

Claire picked up a Glittery Blue Top and can be found most Saturday Evenings at Browns Bar and Grill in Towyn at 6.30pm with her Crazy Kids Party and Bingo.

Bringing Claire to 2022 when Claire joined Sound Radio Wales as her debut in radio shows. Claire is passionate about musical theatre and stage shows. Most of Claire’s content is Musical related. Claire also creates content and interacts on our social media platforms.


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