North Wales Councillors Back 5.7% Pay Hike For Themselves

Written by on 02/04/2024

Councillors voted 13-0 in favour of a 5.7% pay rise which is set by an independent body. The hike mean’s Conwy council’s leader and deputy leader will take home an extra £3,598 and £2,519 respectively. Cabinet members will get an extra £2,159 a year whilst the basic salary for backbenchers has also increased by £1,066.

The rise means Conwy ’s leader and deputy leader have received £13,024 and £8,779 respectively over a three-year period. The remuneration package was debated at a democratic services committee meeting in Bodlondeb today.

The sums are set by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW), not the council, meaning councillors can’t collectively reject the pay rise – although councillors can refuse the pay rise individually. The decision follows a council tax hike of 9.67% and widespread front-line service cuts, including a 5% cut to schools – although councillors blame a poor local government settlement and inflation for the financial situation

Councillors’ pay increase:

Basic Salary (payable to all elected members) – increased from £17,600 to £18,666

Leader – increased from £59,400 to £62,998

Deputy Leader – increased from £41,580 to £44,099

Executive Members – increased from £35,640 to £37,799

Committee Chairs, including leader of the largest opposition group – increased from £26,400 to £27,999

Civic Head – increased from £26,400 to £27,999

Deputy Civic Head – increased from £21,340 to £22,406

The leader’s pay, now at £62,998, has risen from £59,400 last year from £56,700 in 2022/23 from £49,974 in 2021/22, meaning the pay has increased by £13,024 in three years. The deputy leader’s pay, now at £44,099, has risen from £41,580 last year from £39,690 in 2022/23 from £35,320 in 2022/21, meaning pay has increased by £8,779 in three years.

Cabinet members will now be paid £37,799 rising from £35,640 last year rising from £34,020 in 2023/22, rising from £30,773 in 2021/22, amounting to a pay rise of £7,026 in three years. Conwy County Council was contacted for a comment.


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