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Thank you to Denbighshire residents for exercising from home

Thank you to Denbighshire residents for exercising from home Residents in Denbighshire are being thanked for following exercise from home guidance. Welsh Government regulations state you must exercise locally unless there is a reason, such as a health condition or mobility issue, that would require driving to the nearest convenient […]

Denbighshire council confirms date of reopening public toilets

Denbighshire County Council has confirmed that public toilets will open next week (Monday 29 June), as part of on-going efforts to support town centres across the county. This week,  non-essential shops in Wales have been given the green light to start operating.  Last week the Council announced that a Task […]

Large groups of youths regularly breaching COVID rules in Rhuddlan

North Wales Police have reported on social media a large number people breaching COVID-19 rules in Rhuddlan. Police officers are having to regularly attend Rhuddlan Farm Land to reports of large groups of 50-100 youths congregating in the area breaching COVID rules. Currently Welsh COVID-19 guidelines state that families can […]