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In partnership with Conwy Employment Hub we try to give you the best advice to get yourself back into work into a job or career you are going to love. Listen in to the show every Monday to get more insights on how to really improve your working life to enjoy your social life to […]

On Community Voice Paul Toal spoke to Meryl Randell-Jones about Carers Wales. Meryl talks about the work of unpaid carers and how important their work is in Wales. She offers some eye watering statistics about the number of carers and how their numbers have increased during lockdown. This talk is the first in a series […]

Sound Radio interviewed Dr Mark Baker about Gwrych Castle, “I’m a celebrity” and the future of the Gwrych Castle. Dr Baker spoke of how the castle intrigued him as a school boy; which in turn became a passion. He talks of how he was contacted by ITV, how local workers have been deeply involved in […]

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